Young Adults Going to the Washington, NH Church

Washington, NH SDA Church

From Pastor Einar:

For those Young Adults going to the Washington, NH SDA Church tomorrow (7/17/21):

The plan is to arrive at the Washington Church by 11:00 AM for their worship service.  I understand some will just meet us there.  But for those of us who are departing from Lancaster the plan is to meet at the SLA parking lot and leave there by 9:15 AM.

The lunch plan is to join their potluck.  Please bring something if you can. 

There is a tour at 2:00 but it is optional.  Scattered T-storms are forecasted for the afternoon and if we are trying to miss the rain I would suggest that that Sabbath Trail be a priority.  

DIRECTIONS: The church website advises to put Washington, NH as the destination in our GPSs and then put the Washington SDA Church as our destination [the reason will become clear when you arrive].  From their website the best way is:

  1. At the town center in Washington there is a white gazebo on the west side of Route 31.
  2. Turn west onto Faxon Hill Road which is just south of the gazebo.
  3. Proceed out Faxon Hill Road approximately 2.1 miles.
  4. Turn left onto King Street, which is a dirt road.
  5. Proceed south on King Street for 0.3 miles and the Church will be on the left.
  6. There is a parking lot on the left just prior to reaching the Church, please park in the lot.

The Church website is:
Home : Washington NH Seventh-day Adventist® Church Washington NH (

Spending a few minutes on their site will give you a good idea of what to expect and what is there and what is not there [drinking water].

Please call/text the pastor at 978-833-4308 with any questions or updates. 

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